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How it works (for tutors)


Want to know the secret to success as a tutor on Profr.? Here's how it works:

  • Build a strong profile - A strong profile is key to success. Take a little time to set out your teaching style, qualifications and expertise. Not only do richer profiles rank higher in searches, they also give the student something to engage with and distinguish you from other tutors. Spell check your profile and make sure your English is accurate (particularly important for English teachers!). Set your credit price for 15 minutes of tutoring time. All of this is done here:Edit Profile Screen
  • Stay logged in to Chat! - The fastest way to get students is to be available in chat. We have new students online all the time seeking help. But do not begin formal tutoring until the student has signed up. If they are listed as Student xxxxxxx - they do not yet have an account and you cannot be paid for helping them!
  • Get Profr. Connect - our mobile and desktop chat app and never miss an opportunity - Never miss an opportunity by making yourself available on Profr. whenever you are free to teach. With the desktop and mobile apps you can control your availability at all times, even on the move.
  • Become an Approved Tutor - Approved Tutors get straight to the top of the rankings and get considerably more students. There are three main steps to becoming Approved: 1. Complete your profile. 2. Answer questions on the Homework Help system. 3. Complete the English Assessment then request a review. We monitor the homework help system continually and invite those who we feel meet our high quality standards to become Approved Tutors. How to become an Approved Tutor.
  • Help students, demonstrate your expertise, earn cash - the Homework Help system can also earn you cash - Homework Help - is the perfect place to connect with students while building your reputation points and earning credits. New questions are asked every hour. Look for questions which carry a credit bounty. The best answers to these questions earn credits which you can convert to cash.
  • Keep an eye the Job Boards - new online and local tutoring opportunities are posted on Profr. every day. Identify students you think you can help and connect with them. Invite students to have a trial class with you.
  • Make your initial contact meaningful - We see a lot of tutors reach out to students with messages that say no more than " I can teach you." Try to think about the student's requirements and respond with a proposal that shows you understand their needs.
  • Seek feedback from your students - Tutors with feedback from students are far more likely to be successful. Send your profile URL to your existing students and ask them to add feedback to your profile. It's fast and easy.
  • Consider Featuring your profile - Featured tutors get a number of additional benefits for a low monthly subscription which helps cover our marketing costs.
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