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How to solve a sum in un-unitary method?

Posted in Math, asked by P. Rama mohana rao, 6 years ago. 4411 hits.


  It is very simple fellow. There are 3 steps. Step 1 make an equation for the statement of your question. Step 2 revise the statement for the value of 1. Step 3 Multiply the equation created in step 2 by the desired value. Let me give an example:

  Question: If 20 bananas cost $3 then how much would 50 bananas cost.
   Step 1 Make a statement

   20 bananas cost = $3

  Step 2 Make a statement for the value of 1 for the variable on the left side i.e. bananas in this case. That can be done by dividing both sides by 20.

  20 bananas/20 =  $3/20

  1 banana costs = $3/20

 Step 3 Multiply the equation with the desired value which is 50 as we want the cost for 50 bananas.

  1 banana x 50 cost = $3/20 x 50

 50 bananas cost = $7.5

This is the basic method for all questions involving unitary method. If you still do not get it send me a message and i'll explain further. It will be better if you send a couple of questions from your textbook. When i'll solve them, you will get to know it better.

Safwan Tariq
Safwan Tariq - 6 years ago
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unitary Method

Reycia Palonpon
Reycia Palonpon - 6 years ago
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