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what the causes of indiscipline

Posted in English, asked by hawa, 6 years ago. 2525 hits.


There are many reasons why there might be indicipline. It might be in the house or it might be in peers. The environment of the person  can affect the individuals behavior. What he or she used to see or hear contributes how he/she grow. Also if whom the person you go with everyday of your life. It can be adopted by an individual as he/she grow, especially the children, they are still young and very observant.

For example, the parents are always shouting and quarreling, as the child grow, there is a tendency that they will do it outside there homes or in school. The same as in school, when the child has a classmate or friend at school who is speaking bad words, the child will follow it at home. 

Reycia Palonpon
Reycia Palonpon - 6 years ago
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The causes of indiscipline are many, but often can be narrowed down to a few main reasons.

First, indiscipline might be due to a mental handicap by the individual involved. Some conditions may cause a person to have very low comprehension ability and therefore lead to a failure to understand the rules regarding behavior.

More often however, indiscipline can be a sign that a child is simply wanting the attention of someone else, be it the teacher, fellow students, parents, or siblings. A contributing factor to indiscipline is a failure by an authority figure to recognize the proper way to correct the improper behavior.

D. Austin
D. Austin - 6 years ago
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A specific cause of indiscipline can be negligence. If the person is continually ignored, indiscipline can be developed.

Another cause of indiscipline can be frustration. For example a student might not be able to understand much of a lecture. If he or she just sits there and is not getting a word of what the teacher is saying, he or she may get bored and frustrated and develop indiscipline.

Another cause can be being proud. If a student knows more than the teacher then he or she might consider the teacher as a lesser person and himself as a very qualified one. This may result in indiscipline.

There is a long list contact me if you want more. But these are the top ones i could come up with.

Safwan Tariq
Safwan Tariq - 6 years ago
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