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when two individuals enter into an exchange, Do u agree that one is in benifits and other is in loses

Posted in Economics, asked by rehanrehan99, 6 years ago. 2012 hits.


It depends. When you choose:

WIN-LOOSE solution- the other benefits, the other one, looses

WIN-WIN solution- both parties benefits 

LOOSE-LOOSE solution- both party looses

Reycia Palonpon
Reycia Palonpon - 6 years ago
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both are benifited because both will get satisfaction and can achieve their target or fulfill own requirement.secondly import and export between country is the best example and forigen exchange - 6 years ago


it all depends, an exchange without money is called barter and if you are bartering which is an exchange of goods then both party will benefit because you will not exchange your commodity for another commodity that you do not want or you cannot use. then you will look at the cost benefit analysis then if the benefits outweigh the cost then it will be beneficial to you but if the opposite is true then it can be detrimental. i do not think two individuals exchanging is going to look to exchange something if either one is going to lose more than they gain.

Samella Cummings
Samella Cummings - 6 years ago
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