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English Literature - Animal Farm, George Orwell

Did mr jones spent more time drinking than tending to his farm?

Posted in English Literature, asked by ahlam, 6 years ago. 2582 hits.


In George Orwell's Animal Farm, Mr Jones is an unsuccessful farmer who has fallen on hard times and turned to drink. His farm hands are lazy and the farm is not well managed. One Midsummer's Eve, Mr Jones gets so drunk he falls asleep and fails to feed the animals. In desperation the animals break into the food store and feed themselves. On discovering this Mr Jones and the farm hands start beating the animals indiscriminately, an act of unreasonable violence which ultimately causes the animals to rise up in unison and attack the farm hands, who then flee the farm. Mr Jones - a metaphorical figure for exploitative and irresponsible landowners, is evicted by the animals in their popular uprising - an allegory for socialist revolution.

Simon Angers
Simon Angers - 6 years ago
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Great book - great answer - Elizabeth Mallory 6 years ago
Good - if a little dated animated movie of Animal Farm - www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClaNnaMgbF0
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