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What is the main use of sulfur?

Posted in Physics, asked by bri, 6 years ago. 2518 hits.


You main find the wikipedia page helpful. There is a section on applications. 

Cynthia Amaric.
Cynthia Amaric. - 6 years ago
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Sulfur is an element used for everything from adhesives to matches. It's most common use is as a

hardening agent in the manufacture of rubber products, such as tires.

Reynan Flores
Reynan Flores - 6 years ago
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I'm not really a chemist, but I think the principle use is in fertilizers. One of the real chemists on Profr. will be able to give you a more complete answer. It is also important ingredient in the production of gunpowder I believe. 

Cynthia Amaric.
Cynthia Amaric. - 6 years ago
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the main use of sulfur is in the production of sulfuric acid and its also about 65% of sulfuric acid produced is used to make fertilizer

Rheena Paday
Rheena Paday - 6 years ago
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sulfur is also called brimstone, it is used to produce black gunpowder. in dermatology,sulfur is used to cure skin problems.

manizheh batan
manizheh batan - 6 years ago
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Sulphur is used in :


1) Preparation of  SO2.

2)Making gun powder,  matches and fireworks.

3)Is used in vulcanization of rubber.

4)Is used as fungicide and insecticide in fields.

5) Is used in  making ointments for skin diseases.

shweta satle
shweta satle - 6 years ago
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Its main use is in the preparation of sulfur dioxide which is used in manufacturing of sulphuric acid.


Used in vulcanization of rubber.

Used in fungicide and insecticides.

Used in ointments for curing diseases.

Used in parlors to give specific shapes to hair.

Reycia Palonpon
Reycia Palonpon - 6 years ago
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