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Who is the inventor of the electricity ?

Posted in Science, asked by TRIAI Ghassen, 6 years ago. 2165 hits.


The discovery of static electricity was made by the Ancient Greeks who realised that when they rubbed fur on amber it produced an attraction between the two. 

Jumping ahead in history, the term electric was finally coined in the early 17th century and by the late 17th Century more discoveries were made and inventions developed, scientists were able to differentiate between currents which were positive and negative, they were also able to label objects as either conductors or insulators and of course an early example of an electrostatic generator was created. 

Kerry Olssen
Kerry Olssen - 6 years ago
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Actually its hard to name someone who invented electricity but of course as the misconception says , it is not Benjamin Franklin.

Not exactly but electricity was actually "Discovered" by ancient Greeks in somewhat 17th century.

Gauri Narula
Gauri Narula - 6 years ago
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 600BC Milater an resident of Greece tells about attraction of light subtances by amber when rubbed wih silk or woolen.after that the word  amber mean product of  electron is search than name electricity is formed


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- 6 years ago
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