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raynor green


June wants to work for 15 1/2 hours at her part-time job this week. She has already worked 8 3/4 hours. how many more hours does she need to work


Posted in Math, asked by raynor green, 6 years ago. 1747 hits.


Hello... I'm Teacher Reynan

here's the solution to your problem, which is subtracting fractions

15 1/2 - 8 3/4   first change the mixed numbers into improper fraction then it becomes

31/2 - 35/4       since the denominators are not the same get the LCD (least common denominator) of 4 and 2, which is 4

                       and divide this 4 to the denominator then multiply  to the numerator, so we have

62 - 35 / 4        subtract the numerators 62 - 35, then it becomes

27/4                 now change this improper fraction to mixed numbers again,

6 3/4                this is now your final answer. :)




Reynan Flores
Reynan Flores - 6 years ago
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