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as soon as i went to see he run away

as soon as i went to see he run away?

Posted in English, asked by nadeem, 6 years ago. 1696 hits.


Not sure what you are asking here, but if you are asking how to correct that sentence, the correct grammar would be: 

"As soon as I went to see, he ran away" - The verb tense in use is the simple past tense and both verbs (I went from the verb "To go", and "he ran" from the verb "to run") need to agree. See references for more information on the simple past. 

Shoot me a message if you would like some classroom tutoring on this subject. Simon

Simon Angers
Simon Angers - 6 years ago
Ask Simon Angers for further help.
Correct as ever Simon, but you missed a verb "to see" - ;-) - Elizabeth Mallory 6 years ago
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