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Grade 12 Chemistry

sarah has300mL of solution A that contains 25.0g of potassium chloride. Brain has 250.0mL of solution B that contains 60.0g of potassium chloride. What is the molar concentration of the potassium chloridr solution after Sarah mixes her solution with Brian's?

Posted in Chemistry, asked by Joy Yin, 6 years ago. 1887 hits.


solution A       KCl    ;       Solution B      KCl

300ml            25g    ;       250ml           60g

when we mix solution A+B it becomes

550ml solution    contains   85g KCl

in order to find the molar concentration we have the formula

molarity = no of moles/Volume of solution in litres

so from the data Volume of solution = 550ml which is 550x10-3 litres

while no of moles of KCl = mass in grams/molar mass   which is 85g/74.5 = 1.14mol

finally by putting the values in molarity formula we get,

Molar concentration of KCl = 1.14/0.55= 2.07M

shagy sss
shagy sss - 6 years ago
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