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Tilly Anderson

Spanish - por and para - when do you use each one?

I get a bit confused with por and para in spanish. when do you use por and when do you use para? is there a simple way of remembering?

Posted in Spanish, asked by Tilly Anderson, 6 years ago. 1827 hits.


por and para are two prepositions, in eng. we only use one "for". thats why it becomes harder to understand the different uses. por is used when expresing time, duration, cause, movement, transportation and some other expressions. time: por la tarde, in the afternoon duration: por dos horas, for two hours cause: lo hize por ti, i did it because of you movement: camine por la calle 5, i walked by 5 st. para is used when it means, in order to, directed to, direction, specific time. in order to: para estudiar necesitas el libro, in order to study you need the book directed to: la carta es para usted, the letter is for you direction: me voy para Europa, I am goint to Europe specific time: lo necesito para la tarde, I need it for this afternoon these two prepositions have some other uses,but these are the main ones. also por is used in phrases like por favor , please, por ejemplo, for example.
Mayara  Rodriguez
Mayara Rodriguez - 6 years ago
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