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Simon Angers

How do you explain the difference between count and noncount nouns?

I am continually confronted by students getting this wrong. How do you concisely and simply explain the rules for pluralising for count and noncount nouns? How to explain why it is wrong to add the S in certain cases, without saying: "you just have to learn it" Example count nouns: tennis ball > tennis balls monkey > monkeys Noncount nouns: equipment > equipment material > material (althought materials can be used and means something subtly different) Irregulars: sheep > sheep
Posted in English, asked by Simon Angers, 6 years ago. 2453 hits.


Count nouns, names of things, peple, animal that CAN BE COUNTED. CAN BE SEPARATED. Like apple, dog etch. and Non Count nouns like Dignity, courage. Just simply said the most simple non count nouns are values, because we cant count dignity, amiability

Anne Quincyan Milca Norombaba
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Count nouns: These are names of things that can be counted singularly such as dog, telephone etc. The plural is usually made by

adding 's'.

Noncount nouns: These are names of things that cannot be counted such as money, accommodation, hair etc. These are also called

mass nouns.


Muhammad  Khan
Muhammad Khan - 6 years ago
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