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fraction problem

Five friends decided to rent a summer house at a total cost of D they agree to share the rent equally. Before the summer begin one of the friends has to drop out. By how many dollars does the cost to each of the other friends increase? 


Posted in English, asked by Maryam , 6 years ago. 1877 hits.


The increase will be D/4 (the amount they have to pay now) - D/5 (the amount to start with)

To take away fractions we can first make the denominators equal by multiplying the top and bottom by a number, in this case 4 and 5, then taking away the numerators away will give the answer, ie.

D/4 - D/5 = D*5/4*5 - D*4/5*4 = (5D-4D)/20 = D/20

So the cost to each person increased by D/20 dollars

Russell Ludlow
Russell Ludlow - 6 years ago
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Assume that ,the rent of the summer house is 200$

5 friend wants to take the house for rent,so they have shared the rent in to five parts

so,each one has to pay 40$ for month.each person has to pay 20% of the rent for every month

before one friend has dropped from the plan.

the four friend has to share the 40$ rent between them,so each one has to pay more 10$ for rent.it is equal to 5% of the total rent.

Each person will bear 25% of the rent


Venkat Nagendra Thati
Venkat Nagendra Thati - 6 years ago
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