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Posted in Algebra, asked by malaika, 6 years ago. 2209 hits.


Hello I'm Teacher Reynan

First you have to cancel letters C and D in the numerator and denominator, to get

2a + b - 2a - b / x - 3y - x + 3y       then combined similar terms, then

2a - 2a +b -b / x - x - 3y + 3y       the answers in both numerator and denominator is zero

0 / 0 is indeterminate or undefined

Reynan Flores
Reynan Flores - 6 years ago
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in solving this, you have to factor it first


c(2a+b) - d(2a+b), it is the same as (2a+b)(c-d)

factor also cx-3cy-dx+3dy

     c(x-3y)-d(x-3y), the sign isnegative because if you mulipied -d to -3y the answer is 3dy, this factor is the same as (x-3y)(c-d)

we have arrived in this equation,

     (2a+b)(c-d)/(x-3y)(c-d) , you can cancel out the numerator and the denominator(c-d) because when that two is divided, the answer is one.


                 so the answer is 2a+b/x-3y


manizheh batan
manizheh batan - 6 years ago
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