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i want dialouge between two woman about advantage or disadvantage of life in metro city

Posted in English, asked by saini pankaj, 6 years ago. 9078 hits.


This is going to be the flow of the dialogue. Two friends who haven't met for three years accidentally met in a Cafe.

Woman 1: Hi! How are you?

Woman 2: Hi! I'm okay! I've been out here in the city for 2 weeks now and i'm missing my life back in the province.

Woman 1: Really! You know what there are a lot of oppurtunites that you can acquire here in the city. First, jobs are everywhere you don't need to have masters and phd's. Second, you will be able to help your family in the province and lastly, you can have 2-3 jobs if you want.

Woman 2: I know. I can see that there are jobs being posted everywhere but if I live here the possiblity is that I can lose all the money i've been working just to pay for my foods and the place where I can stay. 

Woman 1: There are a lots of cheap apartments that you can find here in the city.

Woman 2: Living in the province is simplier than here in the city. You don't need to use buses, taxi's or trains just to go to your workplace not like in the province that you can just walk.

Woman 1: I think that you have to be accustomize living here in the city so that you can see that oppurtunities are bigger here. 

Woman 2: I think that money easily circulates here in the city. Today you have a thousand bill the next day it's gone not like in the province that even if money slowly circulates in the hand of the people at least they can save.

Woman 1: Okay! If that's what you think. I better go now I have a meeting in less than an hour. Good bye! See you again.

Woman 2: Okay! Bye! Life really here in the city is so fast-paced you have to run to finish everything before the end of the day. People working here are living too fast that they forget what life really is.

Hope you can have an idea from the little conversation I did. I made it very simple and easy so that you can spot the advantage and disadvantage easily. In the conversation the First woman talks about the advantage the city can offer while the second one talks about the disadvatage of living in the city. I have been writing short stories since high school and our school always gives us projects that have conversations like this. Hope this little conversation help with your assignment. 

Dolly  Leckias
Dolly Leckias - 6 years ago
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