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Furqan Ali

What is the percent profit............................

What is the percent profit made on the sale of 1,000 shares of stock bought at Rs.10 per share and sold at Rs.12 per share?

Posted in Math, asked by Furqan Ali, 6 years ago. 5970 hits.


The profit on each share is simply 12 - 10 = 2, so to find the percent profit we want to know how big this profit is relative to our initial investment, in other words 2/10 = 0.2, so the profit is 0.2*the investment. To get this as a percentage we simply multiply by 100, and 0.2*100 = 20%

Russell Ludlow
Russell Ludlow - 6 years ago
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on each 10 rupees of share  we are  getting 2 rupees as profit

so we divide the 1000 shares with 10,   1000/10=100

now we multifly with 2,100*2=200

so ,the total profit on sold of 1000 shares is 200 rupees


Venkat Nagendra Thati
Venkat Nagendra Thati - 6 years ago
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