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Furqan Ali

If 3 (x + 5y) = 24, find y when x = 3.

If 3 (x + 5y) = 24, find y when x = 3.

Posted in Math, asked by Furqan Ali, 6 years ago. 3968 hits.


3(x+5y)=24 here x=3,y=?

=we will extract the bracket at left side.


=now,we will substitute the value of x=3 in the above equation



=now we will take the 9 to right side





Venkat Nagendra Thati
Venkat Nagendra Thati - 6 years ago
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So first we want to make y the subject of the formula, in other words get y on its own on one side of the equals sign, then plug in the value for x and see what we get.

3(x + 5y) = 24 first simplifying by dividing both sides by 3 we get

x + 5y = 8, then taking x over to the other side by subtracting x from both sides we have

5y = 8 - x, and finally dividing both sides by 5 gives us

y = 1/5 (8-x) = 0.2(8-x)

now we can set x equal to 3 and solve

y = 0.2(8-3) = 0.2*5 = 1

Russell Ludlow
Russell Ludlow - 6 years ago
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