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Real analysis

1.using the definition epsilon and delta proof the following:a)limx goes to 2 (x3-4)/(x2+1)=4/5. b) limx goes to 2(x2+4x)=12

2.determine the following limits: a)limx goes to 0(x+1)/(x2+2) x is element of R. b)limx goes to 1(x+1)(2x+3) x is element of R.

3.is the following functions continuous: a) f(x)= square root of x. b) r(x) 1-e-x^2 at all point of its domain

Posted in Calculus, asked by tisha, 6 years ago. 1599 hits.


Hello, I've just write down the answers in a pdf. Is more easy to write equations. I hope it's helpful. 

Gonzalo Rafael Acosta
Gonzalo Rafael Acosta - 6 years ago
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