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why acetaldehyde is more reactive than acetone

Posted in Chemistry, asked by Manideep Guha, 6 years ago. 12932 hits.


The reactivity of carbonyl compounds is due the carbonyl group (=C=0). Acetaldehyde is more reactive than acetone due to the following reasons:-
1: Alkyl groups are electron donating groups so they decrease the polarization and hence the charge density of the C=0 bond thus making it less reactive.In acetaldehyde there is only one alkyl group attached to the carbonyl carbon whereas in acetone two alkyl groups are attached on both sides of the carbonyl group.The presence of two alkyl groups in acetone makes it less reactive than acetaldehyde.
2: The two alkyl groups on both sides of the carbonyl group in acetone provide more stearic hindrance which decreases the reactivity of acetone as compared to acetaldehyde which provides less stearic hindrance due to the presence of only one alkyl group on one side of the carbonyl group.

Hassan Maqsood
Hassan Maqsood - 6 years ago
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acetaldehide is having less molecular mass than acetone 

but acetaldehide some times has less reactive  than acetorn it really depent on the reaction 

such wheather it is reacting with acid or base or any other reactions

humairah dahlan
humairah dahlan - 6 years ago
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