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what is the answer for (6p+3q)(3u-4v)-(p+2q)(u+v)?

Posted in Math, asked by Chantelle Mensah, 6 years ago. 2003 hits.



solution :

first we multiplied 6p(3u-4v)+3q(3u-4v) and p(u+v) + 2q (u+v)

we can write as

6p(3u-4v) + 3q (3u-4v) - p (u+v) + 2q (u+v)

Multiplied the terms

18 pu - 24 pv + 9 qu - 12 qv - pu -pv + 2qu + 2qv

Now we arrange with respect to same variable with their signs

18pu - pu - 24 pv - pv + 9qu + 2qu - 12qv + 2qv

( Now we add them with their signs like +, - make - and -,- make plus we can say that like sign make plus and unlike sign make minus in addition and subtraction we use bigger  number sign in answer  )

17pu - 25pv + 11qu -10qv Answer.

Furqan Ali
Furqan Ali - 6 years ago
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