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Furqan Ali

His final displacement?

 A boy walks 2 meters north, 4 meters west, and 2 meters south. His final displacement ?

Posted in Physics, asked by Furqan Ali, 6 years ago. 3196 hits.


displacement is the shortest distance between initial point (starting point) and final point.

In this case, boy goes to north 2 mtr then west 4 mtr and then south 2 mtr. That means boy first go north 2 mtr then take left 4 mtr and then get back 2 mtr. That is finally boy is 4 mtr towards left from his starting point. Which is the shortest distance. Hence, displacement=4 mt

Madhav Kishore
Madhav Kishore - 6 years ago
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Ans: 4 meters.

Displacement is how far he is away from his starting position at the end of moving.

His 2 meters north cancels with 2 meters south, so only 4 meters west comes into picture and his final position is 4 meters away from starting point.

Gurudas Kadam
Gurudas Kadam - 6 years ago
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