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why did simon lee not care for husbandry or tillage

Posted in English, asked by writuraz, 6 years ago. 3903 hits.


Great question! Simon Lee is the principal character from Wordsworth's lyrical ballad: Simon Lee, The Old Huntsman. Simon Lee was once a tall, enthusiastic and athletic man who falls on harder times and at the end of the poem is described as living with his wife Ruth, both crippled and incapacitated. Wordsworth describes his younger prowess in wistful terms: "a running huntsman merry" who could outrun the other men and horses of the hunt. "No man like him the horn could sound, And hill and valley rang with glee". During those days of vim and vigour he was not interested in the more laborious and menial tasks of rural life. Husbandry and tillage are terms evocative of rural hardship. 

If this homework question requires deeper analysis, when writing your answer you should describe something of the form of the poem. It is one of Wordsworth's Lyrical Ballads. The stanzas are formed of octets which is is a variation on the traditional ballad, where the stanzas are normally formed of rhyming quatrains. Comment on how the rhyme pairs fall within the stanza. Count the syllables of each line and say something about how they do not always follow strict iambic pentameter. 

Lastly, a good essay will describe how the form and content makes the reader feel. Say something about how the form leads the reader to the vision Wordsworth wanted to conjure. Hope this helps!

Simon Angers
Simon Angers - 6 years ago
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