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what is the probability of getting a pair if 5 die is throw simultanoeusly?

Posted in Math, asked by harvey, 6 years ago. 1478 hits.


Your question is not in proper way.but i can give the way of solve the problem.

Since the die is fair,there are only six possible outcomes.

there is only one number 5 on a die.the probability of the event of obtaining a 5,which can be  indicated by P(5), therefore

 the obtatining  of a 5 is,  P(5)=1/6

Venkat Nagendra Thati
Venkat Nagendra Thati - 6 years ago
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this question is not regarding what would you ask but i give you answer in my sense.

you ask if pair of dies throw it mean two dies one die has 6 side then than two have 12 side.

two dies have 2 side of 5 and one pair of each like 5. ( only one favorable chance to come in each pair )

we can find probability by favorable chance divided by total chance

probability = favorable chance / total chance 

probability = 1 / 6



Furqan Ali
Furqan Ali - 6 years ago
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