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Hi guys! Just few easy english tasks.

I'vde got to do a few tasks. For me it's little hard, because english isn't my mother tongue, so i count on your help, it will be easy, i promise ;D

Posted in English Language, asked by Anna, 6 years ago. 2013 hits.


You need to get a better picture.  It is very hard to see.

But from what I could see for number 1

year's should be year


Apostrophe s ('s) is used to show ownership (Janes's shoe), as contraction for is (he's happy), or contraction for has (Jane's been gone for a week).


I hope that this helps you.


Stayana Thompson
Stayana Thompson - 6 years ago
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Hi, the attachments are a little blurry. Can you give a clearer one? I really can help you. :)

Mariji Constante
Mariji Constante - 6 years ago
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