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by selling 45 lemons, a vendor loses a sum equal to the selling price of 3 lemons. find his loss per cent.

Posted in Math, asked by subham padhi, 6 years ago. 17412 hits.


Let X be the sellling price of one lemon

number of lemon = 45

so total selling price = 45X

loss = selling price of 3 lemon = 3X

So total cost = selling price + loss = 45X+3X =48X

Loss % = loss/total cost*100

           = 3X/48X  *100

           = 3/48 *100

           = 100/16 = 6.25%


vinu omanan
vinu omanan - 6 years ago
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Let selling price of one lemon is x.

Selling price of 45 lemon = 45x

Loss= selling price of 3 lemon= 3x

Now Purchase price of lemon for vendor= Selling price+Loss=45x + 3x = 48x

hence % loss = (loss/purchase value)X100 = (3x/48x) X 100 = 6.25% ANSWER

Madhav Kishore
Madhav Kishore - 6 years ago
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Let the selling price of one lemon be= x

Therefore, the total Selling Price would be= 45x

Loss would be= 3x

Cost Price would be= selling price - loss

                             = 45x - 3x

                             = 42x

Therefore, loss%=(loss/cost price)×100



               Answer   = 7.14%

ANURAG BHUYAN - 6 years ago
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