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a small egyptian company finds that the cost in L.E of manufacturing x handbags is given by c(x)=75+20x-x^2 for 0

a)find the average rate of change in cost as the production increases from 1 to 6 handbags?

b) find the rate of change in cost and evaluate it at x=8

Posted in Math, asked by nada, 6 years ago. 1674 hits.


first, differentiate

dC(x)/dx=20-2x→rate of change

at x=1, rate of change=20-2(1)=18

at x=6, rate of change=20-2(6)=8

average rate of change in cost=-(18-8)/(6-1)=2→decreases


differentiate and put x=8



David Owino
David Owino - 6 years ago
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