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factorise 6a2b3 +12a4b

Posted in Math, asked by shemelia, 6 years ago. 3559 hits.


First take 6a^2b^3+12a^4b

Identify the common variables to both 6a^2b^3 and 12a^4b

In this case a^2 and b is a common variable. So by dividing by both terms we get a^2b(6b^2 + 12a^2).

However we now have to look at the common factors for both terms which is 6. By dividing further still we get a final answer of:


Sofiane Saidoune
Sofiane Saidoune - 6 years ago
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=we will take the common variables to out.


Venkat Nagendra Thati
Venkat Nagendra Thati - 6 years ago
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your question is not written clearly following the usual conventions of syntax that a2= a x 2 = 2 x a = 2a.

For example your question can be interpreted as follows

6a2b3 +12a4b = (6 x a  x 2 x b x 3) + (12 x a x 4 x b ) = 36 ab + 48 ab = 84 ab


6a ^2 x b ^3  + 12 a ^4 x b . In this expression there are two terms. For factorizing we need to identify the highest common factor (HCF) between them. 

For each of the constant terms , and pronumerals,  a and b, we will identify the HCF .

For the constants 6 and 12 the HCF is 6.

For a, the HCF between the two terms is  a^2

Between b ^3 and b , the HCF is simply b.

Collecting all the HCFs , we write the factors as

6 a^2 b .

If we take out the combined HCF from the expression we will obtain

6 a^2 b ( b^2) = 6 a^2 b^3 which is the first term of the expression

6 a^2 b (2a^2) = 12 a^4 b, the second term of the expression.

finally , the factorization results in:

6a^2 b^3 + 12 a^4 b = 6a^2 b ( b^2 + 2 a^2)   

Venkata Aluri
Venkata Aluri - 6 years ago
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6a^2b^3+12a^4b = 6a^2b(b^2+2a^2)

vinu omanan
vinu omanan - 6 years ago
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Adesh Kumar
Adesh Kumar - 6 years ago
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This answer is inadequate. Please explain your working in full. - Profr. Help & Support 6 years ago


factorise 6a2b3 +12a4b:

6x2x3= 36 , 12x4= 48 ---->

36ab + 48ab = 84ab

Elisaul Palmar
Elisaul Palmar - 6 years ago
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First multiply the numbers together: 6x2x3= 36 and 12x4= 48

Then multiply the a and b which is ab. 

Then put everything together to get: 36ab+48ab= 84ab

Sofiane Saidoune
Sofiane Saidoune - 6 years ago
Ask Sofiane Saidoune for further help.


6a2b3 +12a4b

first we multiply all the terms

= 6 x a x 2 x b x 3 + 12 x a x 4 x b

= 36ab + 48ab

= 84 ab Answer.

Furqan Ali
Furqan Ali - 6 years ago
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