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A tube about 80cm long open at both ends are dipped into a vessel full of mercury such that 40cm tube is in mercury.Then we covered tube with thumb and taken out of mercury such that 22cm long column of mercury remains in the tube.find atmospheric pressure. 

Posted in Physics, asked by ankit garg, 6 years ago. 1891 hits.


Let the atmospheric pressure is = P

Then the force acting due to this pressure should be equal to the weight of mercury remained in tube (22cm).

Assume tube cross section area = A

Then, Force acting due to pressure = PXA

Weight of mercury = dxVxg (d=density of mercury, g=acceleration due to gravity and V= Volume of tube section upto mercury level = Axh, h=22cm)

hence, PxA=dxAxhXg

now, P=dxgxh=dx9.8x0.22

now put the value of density of mercury, answer will come out.

Madhav Kishore
Madhav Kishore - 6 years ago
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