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linear equation graphically

The candy Company provided 1 million pesos for the annual budget. The cost is categorized in two expenses. The Personals or workers wages, then the Operating cost. The Operating cost is fixed with the amount of Php 560,000.If we assume that the company should at least provide a total cost of Php 690,000, let us find the personnel wages. 

solve it with the right solution and explaination. :) 

Posted in Algebra, asked by gio burgos, 6 years ago. 1740 hits.


Suppose that personal wage bill=W pesos and operating cost=  F= 560,000; total cost= T, then the linear equation is given by

Total cost budgeted = 1,000,000 >  total least cost = total wage bill+ F

the difference between annual budget and total least cost= 1000,000 - 690,000= 310,000

total wage bill= total least cost  - operating costs

                    = 690,000 - 560,000

                     = 130,000

thus total wage bill is at least 130,000 pesos, and it could go up from 130,000 to 430,000 (130,000 +310,000)

Venkata Aluri
Venkata Aluri - 6 years ago
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