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It takes 20 minutes and 30 seconds to prepared a strawberry pie.It takes 45minute  to bake it. How long  does the whole procedure take?

It takes 20 minutes and 30 seconds to prepared a strawberry pie. It takes 45 minutes to bake it. How long  does the whole procedure take?

Posted in Math, asked by antoneta, 6 years ago. 2417 hits.



time taken to prepared strawberry pie = 20 minutes & 30 second

time taken to baked = 45 minutes


time taken in whole procedure = ?

Solution :

we can solve it by different method first we change total time period in same unit (like minutes change in seconds) and then add all time to b taken on it. In second method we can solve it by using decimal for second (like 20.30 minutes) and add them.

Now we solve it with simplest method :-

Time taken in whole procedure = 20.30 minutes + 45 minutes 

Time taken in whole procedure = 65 .30 minutes

we can convert it in seconds if required 65.30 x 60 = 3918 seconds

or hours = 65.30 / 60 = 1.08 hours.

Furqan Ali
Furqan Ali - 6 years ago
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The first step to finding the correct answer to this problem is fairly easy and that is conversion. We want to get everything into one unit, so add the minutes together.

45 minutes + 20 minutes= 65 minutes 

Now convert minutes into seconds by multiplying 65 by 60. 

(60seconds/1 minute) x (65 minutes)  the minute units would cancel out leaving you with seconds as your unit. 

65x60=3900 <= don't forget to also add in the 30 seconds from earlier also, so the answer would be 3930 seconds

Or if you want to convert it into minutes then just divide it by 60, double check it with conversion of seconds to minutes.

(1 minute/ 60 seconds) x (3930 seconds) important note for conversion: make sure that your seconds cancels out and you are left with minutes as your unit.

3930/60= 65.5 minutes 

if you want to convert it to hours then divide 65.5 by 60

( 1 hour/ 60 minutes) x (65.5 minutes)  <= for conversion answer would be ~ 1.09 hours

Hopefully this helps.

Bao Xiong
Bao Xiong - 6 years ago
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65minutes and 30 seconds

Kathy Huang
Kathy Huang - 6 years ago
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Please explain and show working. - Profr. Help & Support 6 years ago
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