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Amelia Ali

physics, Electric Current. I need its solution.

Three resistors connected in series with a source of EMF together dissipate 10 watt of power. What will be the power dissipated if the same resistors are connected in parallel across the same of EMF

A. 40 watt

B. 90 watt

C. 100 watt

D. 120 watt

Posted in Physics, asked by Amelia Ali, 6 years ago. 2018 hits.


the total power is 10 Watts and there are 3 resistors of equal value, each resistor must be dissipating 10 Watts / 3 resistors = 3.3333 Watts per resistor. The power for each resistor is P = (10V)^2 * 3.3333 ohms = 30 Watts. 3 times 30 watts is equal to 90 watts as its total power
Mariji Constante
Mariji Constante - 6 years ago
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Equivalent Resistance of three resistor connected in series Res = 3R (Here, R-Resistance of each resistor)

Equivalent Resistance of three resistor connected in Parallel Rep = R/3 (Here, R-Resistance of each resistor)

Now Power draw by resister connected in series = V2/Res = V2/3R = 10 Watt, from this, V2=10X3R

If P is the power consumed in parallel connection, then, P=V2/Rep = 3V2/R

Now put value of V2 From above, P=3X10X3R/R = 90 WATT ........answer

Madhav Kishore
Madhav Kishore - 6 years ago
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