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GMAT Verbal reasoning

Recent studies have highlighted the harmful effects of additives in food (colors, preservatives, flavor enhancers etc.). There are no synthetic substances in the foods we produce at Munchon Foods – we use only natural ingredients. Hence you can be sure you are safeguarding your family’s health when you buy our products.

Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the contention of Munchon Foods?

A. Some synthetic substances are not harmful 
B. Some natural substances found in foods can be harmful 
C. Food without additives is unlikely to taste good 
D. Munchon Foods produces only breakfast cereals 
E. Without preservatives some foods could cause harm

Posted in GMAT, asked by Alexander, 6 years ago. 1921 hits.


Ans. Option (B)

The premise states that according to recent studies additives in food have harmful effect.

Since Munchon foods use only natural ingredients, they conclude that their product will not cause any harm.

To weaken the conclusion, we must look at a statement that brings a possibility that despite using natural ingredient, Munchon foods may be harmful. Only option B does this because it states that some natural substances cause harm. Therefore, Munchon foods cannot claim to be completely safe.

sakshi bajoria
sakshi bajoria - 5 years ago
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