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Cleon Smith

Physics (U-Tube Manometer )

The diagram shows a manometer with limbs of area of cross-section 0.0012m2, and contains liquid, which weighs 8000 N/m3. The manometer is connected to the laboratory gas supply and the tap turned on. There is a difference in the liquids levels in the two limbs of 0.25m. Calculate:

a)    the volume of liquid between the levels AB and CD in the right hand tube, neglecting the meniscus

I am having problem finding a suitable equation to find the volume.

Posted in Physics, asked by Cleon Smith, 6 years ago. 2981 hits.


Volume of liquid between AB & CD can be find out by simply multiplying the cross section area of manometer and the difference in liquid levels.

voume=0.012 m2 x 0.25 m = 0.003 m......Answer

Madhav Kishore
Madhav Kishore - 6 years ago
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