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problem solving multplication

Posted in Math, asked by sean, 6 years ago. 1967 hits.


Multiplication means repeated addition of the same number.The number of times it is repeatedly added or multiplied.


Noorie Bahl
Noorie Bahl - 6 years ago
Ask Noorie Bahl for further help.
www.mathblaster.com/teachers/math-problems/mult... and Division Problems

There are 30 Children in a class. How many sweets do you need to
give each child 2 ? 60 sweets

It costs £32 for 1 pair of trainers. How much do 10 pairs cost?

How much do 10 teddies cost at £22 each? £220

A shop sells 3 oranges at 36 pence each. How much does the shop get?
108 p, or £1.08

If it costs a car 61 p to go 1mile how much to travel 2 miles? 122 £1.22

If a car travels 27 miles on one litre of fuel, how far will it go on 5 litres?
135 miles

How much for 3 bikes at £241 each and 65 sportsbags at £2
£723 + £130 = £853

A burst water main leaks out 458 litres of water a minute. How much
water is lost in 2 minutes? 916 litres
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