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hello me


what are the features of Spread Sheet?

Posted in English, asked by hello me, 6 years ago. 1927 hits.


Spreadsheet is a web-based Spreadsheet program similar to MS Excel, OpenOffice Spreadsheet and Google Spreadsheets. The idea behind Simple Spreadsheet was to write a web-based spreadsheet application which uses all kinds of standards that are available around the web. Functionality: Formulas Functions (including all Javascript functions) Custom functions / macros (using pure Javascript) Charts: line graphs, bar graphs, pie graphs, linestep graphs, scatter graphs Cell formatting (using full CSS) Cell formats (Numbers, Strings, Currencies, Dates, Times) Cell merging (rows and columns) Cell locking Cut/Copy/Paste with single cells or ranges of cells Custom column groups Custom names for columns and rows Custom styles for columns, rows and column groups Integration of images from the web Operations like deleting and inserting columns/rows Javascript as common data format Usability: Keyboard navigation with cursor keys Live preview of the calculated result while typing Common keyboard shortcuts for cut/copy/paste, delete Automatic highlighting for links Javascript as human readable data format
Mariji Constante
Mariji Constante - 6 years ago
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