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Sachin Lawoti


The probability that an employee will get an occupational disease is 20%. In a firm having five employees, what is the probability that: i) None of the employees get the disease ii) Exactly two will get the disease iii) More than four will contract the disease

Posted in Math, asked by Sachin Lawoti, 4 years ago. 2445 hits.


None of the employees getting the disease means 5 out of 5 remain healthy. 

The probability of not getting disease = (100-20)/100 = .8

i) Therefore probability that none gets disease = (5/5)*.8 = .8

ii) Probability that exactly two out of 5 get disease = (2/5)*.2 = .08

iii) Probability that 5 contract the disease = (5/5)*.2 = .2


Shubham Agarwal
Shubham Agarwal - 4 years ago
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