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Cassie Cooper

significant digits

how do you tell how many significant digits are included in a number 

Posted in Chemistry, asked by Cassie Cooper, 4 years ago. 1614 hits.


There are four rules in determining significant figures on numbers with a decimal point.

1. All non-zero digits are significant. (12345.54 has 7 significant figures)

2. Leading zeros are not significant (0.00000000000000000004 has only 1 significant figure)

3. Trailing zeros are significant. (54.49000 has 7 significant figures)

4. Zeros between significant figures are also significant. (40.0040 has 6 significant figures)


Whole numbers have ambiguous number of significant figures. 695000 can have 6, 5, 4,or only 3.

Martin Montoya
Martin Montoya - 4 years ago
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