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narrative literature writing

My name is (Lilly Park) and i have to reflexive, non-fiction story about my name. do you have any sentences/ideas i could use for my narrative? heres a short example to give you an idea :) 
I am a long hissing snake as my name rolls off my tongue and out of my mouth, uncurling. The snake is venomous,
but doesn’t strike because it dances fluidly, mesmerized by a wooden flute. Sitting in a circle on the carpet, other
children were “hope”, “wished for”, or “Christmas baby”, but I was “the Greek temptress of men.” Those same
children with plain, garter snake names would call me “her” because I was too long to remember.
I was “Cass” to my softball coaches because it was easier to call when I was running for the ball. People have
always tried to be cute and friendly by calling me “Cassie” as they bent over and talked in baby voices, but “Cassie”
is a stupid, line-dancing, jean-skirt wearing Texan, and that wasn’t me. I was long, elegant, smart, three syllables.
So I always said, “No, it’s Cassandra.” Even then it was mispronounced as “Cassaaahydra” with a scrunched-up,
dripping, red nose, long A in the middle.
Posted in English Literature, asked by Lilly, 2 years ago. 773 hits.
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