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criminal justice

Evolution of Terrorism

Based on your understanding of terrorism at this early point in the course, discuss the following:

  • Do you think terrorism has been on the rise over the past few years? Why do you think so?
  • Analyze and explain how contemporary terrorism is different from historical terrorism. Explain this with a focus on how terrorist groups have adapted their methods to take advantage of modern advancements, such as the Internet and modern modes of transportations. Can you think of any other modern developments that have been utilized by terrorists?
  • Analyze and explain why people become and remain involved in a terrorist movement? What do they hope to achieve?
  • Define terrorism and explain in your own words how it is practiced. Elucidate if you think terrorism is a criminal act or an act of war. Support your answers with appropriate research and reasoning.

Briefly describe a terrorist incident from the past five years (from anywhere in the world). Describe the act and explain how those responsible for this act were identified. Analyze if the goal of the terrorist or the terrorist group was achieved

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