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  1. Calculate the molar entropy change when a sample of water is heated from 110 to 120 ºC at constant pressure given the molar heat capacity of H2O (g) at constant pressure = 33.58 J mol-1 K-1. Can cooling from 200 ºC to 110 ºC bring an increase in the entropy of the system?


  1. The entropy change due to the expansion of a perfect gas is given by: . Sketch the dependence of  on the volume ratio between  and hen calculate the final volume following the expansion of 1 mole of gas from an initial volume of 24 dm3 given .


  1. The molar entropy of 1,3-dioxane (C4H8O2) is 196.6 . What is the change in the molar Gibbs energy when it is heated from 298 K to 323 K? Assume the molar entropy independent of T.
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