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Mala has collection of bangles she has 20 gold bangles and 10 silver bangles. what is the percentage of bangles of each type. can you put it in the tabular form

Posted in Math, asked by Ramraj, 6 years ago. 5939 hits.


total number of bangles = 20 gold bangles + 10 silver bangles = 30 bangles

percentage of gold bangles = (20/30)*100 = 66.66%

percentage of silver bangles = (10/30)*100 = 33.33%




Vritika Gupta
Vritika Gupta - 6 years ago
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total bangle =20+10=30

percentage of gold bangle= 20/30=66.6%

 and for silver=10/30=33.3% by rounding off the figure 67% and 33 % .

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- 6 years ago
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