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what is the compound for hydrogen + oxygen = steam

Posted in Chemistry, asked by Dwight, 6 years ago. 2735 hits.


I think you are looking for the chemical equations...here's the equation 

H+ O2  ---->  H2O (g)


Hfor Hydrogen (we add subscript of 2 because this is diatomic element)

Ofor Oxygen ( this is also diatomic element so, we add subscript 2)

then the product is H20 (g) for water in the form of gas or steam


Reynan Flores
Reynan Flores - 6 years ago
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hydrogen and oxygen when mix together and steam is formed if heat?temperature is given for boiling the water which may evoprate in the vapour or steam form

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- 6 years ago
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2H2 + O2  -------->  2H2O (g)

balanced equation

Furqan Ali
Furqan Ali - 6 years ago
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