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The Ministry of Health has started a campaign to eradicate the rodent population in St. Lucia.  Research has proven that rodents are multiplying very rapidly.  When 2 rodents are seen within a period of 10 minutes, it is believed that there is a breeding ground close by with approximately 600 rodents.  Joe uses that information for a project.


(a) If in one hour, Joe saw 20 rodents, what is the approximate rodent population near by?

(b) If one bait is used for every 5 rodents, how many pieces of bait are needed to eradicate that present population?

Posted in Math, asked by Kareem, 6 years ago. 2109 hits.


If 2 are seen in 10 minutes Joe can assume in an hour 12 will be seen in 1 hour (which = 6 times 10 minutes).

So if 12 rats in 1 hour equals a nest of 600 what will 20 rats in 1 hour mean?

One way is 12 into 20 = 1.66666667

600 multiplied by 1.66666667 = 1000 rats.

Divide 1000 rats by 5 to get the bait volume needed: 200 pieces of bait.

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Elizabeth Mallory
Elizabeth Mallory - 6 years ago
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