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find the value of x. 36/4 is equal to 180/x?

Posted in Math, asked by myla maristela, 6 years ago. 2853 hits.


According to question

36/4 = 180/x

shifted x and 4 to replacing their places by cross multiplication we get

36.x = 180 x 4 

36x = 720

Now we find the value of x

36 shifted to other side with change case or operation multiply to divide

x = 720 / 36 

20 Ans.

Furqan Ali
Furqan Ali - 6 years ago
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Hello I'm teacher Reynan

The answer for your problem is written like this

36/4 = 180/x  to find the value of x, simply cross multiply, then we have

4(180)/36x    multiply the numerators 4(180) = 720

720/36x  to get the value of x divide 720/36 = 20

so the value of x is equal to 20


Reynan Flores
Reynan Flores - 6 years ago
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Hi here is the answer

Step 1 Write the equation

36/4 = 180/x

Step 2 multiply both sides with x

36/4 X x = 180/x X x

36/4 X x = 180     (x cancels out at right hand side)

Step 3 multiply both sides by 4

36/4 X x X 4 = 180 X 4

36 X x = 720     (4 cancels out at left hand side of the equation)

Step 4 divide both sides by 36

36/36 X x = 720/36

x = 20              (36 cancels out at left hand side of the equation)



Safwan Tariq
Safwan Tariq - 6 years ago
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 the given problem is,36/4=180/x

simplyfy the L.H.S then,  9=180/x

cross the L.H.S and R.H.S



Venkat Nagendra Thati
Venkat Nagendra Thati - 6 years ago
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