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3 (x+4)=24

Posted in Math, asked by aiesha, 6 years ago. 1899 hits.


Hi Aiesha - work your equation backwards. In plain english it is asking you what plus four, when multiplied by three will give 24. You can work it backwards by dividing 24 by three and subtracting four to get your answer.

24 divided by 3 = 8 

Subtract 4 from 8 = ...

Hope that helps! let me know if you're stuck. 


Anthony Calahan
Anthony Calahan - 6 years ago
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Hi Aieshia, i suppose you want to know the value of x. right?

so here, 3(x+4)=24,you have to multiply 3 to (x+4),multiply 3 to x,and 3 to 4

         3x+12=24,you come up with this answer,then,

         3x+12-12=24-12, using the subraction property of equality,you subract 12 both sides

         3x=12, you come up with this answer 

and to get the value of x, divide both sides by 3 that is, 3x/3 and 12/3

         so, x=4.




manizheh batan
manizheh batan - 6 years ago
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given 3(x+4)=24 now 


x+4 =8

X=8-4=4 so x=4

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- 6 years ago
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The value of x is 4. 

Sharon Grace Geralem
Sharon Grace Geralem - 6 years ago
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Answer contains no working. - Anthony Calahan 6 years ago
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