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Explain how Koch tested his hypothesis about the cause of anthrax.

Explain how Koch tested his hypothesis about the cause of anthrax.

Posted in Biology, asked by Mimi, 6 years ago. 4980 hits.


Robert Koch postulates :

1) Microorganisms are isolated from dead animals then they grown in pure culture (petri-dishes). 

2) Micro-organisms identified. 

3) Micro-organisms are injected into healthy animals.He found same disease in second animal.

4)Identification of identical microorganisms.

shweta satle
shweta satle - 6 years ago
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I took my biology a few years ago. if i remember correctly, Koch developed a four step process to determine the causative agent of any disease.

1) Extract the organism from the host environment e.g. skin lesions etc.

2) Grow the organism on culture media

3) Take the organism from the culture medium and inoculate it into the host e.g. inject in blood. The organism must cause disease in the inoculated subject.

4) Extract the organism from the experimentally inoculated organism.

He used the same technique for anthrax and this method came to be known as Koch's hypothesis.

Safwan Tariq
Safwan Tariq - 6 years ago
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