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about linear inequalities

5times-2greather than 8


Posted in Math, asked by miagrace, 6 years ago. 1578 hits.


I'm going to assume you mean 

5x - 2 > 8 

if so, treat the inequality as you would a linear equation, you need to find a value for 'x' 

5x > 8 + 2 (add 2 to both sides to eliminate from the left hand side)
5x > 10 (add your number on the right hand side together)
x > 10/5 (divide both sides by 5 to get 'x' on its own)

Therefore x > 2 (10 divide by 5 = 2 therefore x must be greater than 8

hope this helps :)

Kerry Olssen
Kerry Olssen - 6 years ago
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