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2.3 footballers are having a contest to see who can kick a football the highest and furthest.  Footballer A kicks his ball at 31m/s at an angle of 58®, footballer B kicks his ball at 29m/s at an angle of 49®, and footballer C kicks her ball at 33m/a at an angle of 62®

a)Who kicks their ball the highest?

b)Who kicks their ball the furthest? 

c)In an effort to keep everyone happy, the 3 footballers decide someone should have bragging rights over how long their ball was off of the ground.  Which footballer’s ball was in the air the longest?


Posted in Physics, asked by Hanan, 6 years ago. 1818 hits.


a. use formula maximum height attained, H=(U SinA)2/2g

b. Use formula for Range, R= U2 Sin2A/g

c. Use formula for time spent in air, T= 2U SinA/g

Here, A=Angle through which ball has thrown

Madhav Kishore
Madhav Kishore - 6 years ago
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