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Homework Help Homework Help

Introducing: Homework Help!

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Homework Help system on Profr. Homework Help is a free system to help struggling students succeed, while rewarding helpful tutors with reputation points and improved standing on Profr. (including higher ranking in tutor search pages).

Here are the basic principles of the homework help system:

Students can ask for help with any kind of homework question. They will receive a number of responses from tutors. Answers are peer reviewed by the tutor community who will vote up good answers and vote down bad ones. The student will select the answer that is most helpful to them. The student can also optionally connect with the tutor to discuss private tutoring requirements.

Tutors can browse and answer any question on the homework help system. The idea is help the student understand the problem and how to answer it, not just to answer it for them. When answering a question, show your working and rationale. Students will accept not just the right answer, but the one they understand the best. Tutors will be awarded points for answering questions, voting up or down answers and more points if their answer is accepted by the student. Points build your reputation score which improves your ranking in tutor search results among other benefits.

Hopefully that's all clear - but if not. Feel free to post your comments and suggestions! We hope you find it a helpful system!