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A Practical Guide to Tutoring



Getting started with tutoring, whether you're a parent, a student or a fledgling tutor, can be a bewildering prospect. To help guide you past the pitfalls, we put our heads together and began writing an article which became this Practical Guide to Tutoring. Our aim with this guide is quite simply to take a fair and honest look across the industry and offer our humble perspective on the highlights and pitfalls, so that you might discover them, and avoid them, respectively. We hope you like it!

We should say from the outset that Profr. does not have any particular stake in any of the organisations, platforms and tools we discuss here. We want this guide to be fair, impartial, concise and as thorough as possible, and we intend to keep it updated as a permanent resource to inform and demistify. We very much welcome suggestions and feedback.

The tutoring debate.

The private tutoring industry is large and growing fast. Forbes reported the global market for tutoring will be worth over $100bn by 2018. With that growth comes a proliferation of tools, agencies and platforms built to facilitate the learning process. Some are good, some less so.

Tutoring outside of the school system is not always greeted with open arms. Some argue it is elitist, that it can confuse or overstretch its intended beneficiary and that school curricula should be fit to provide the right educational mix for children of all abilities. Supporters argue that is rarely the case; schools struggle to account for varying ability and tutoring contributes to a healthy admixture of a tailored education. You may probably already have reached a view on this debate and we will not discuss it further, suffice to say that studies have been done which examine this question in great detail. 

The obvious point on which most can agree is that tutoring should be handled carefully and correctly and in a way that fully compliments the curriculum.

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Last modified onTuesday, 26 November 2013 18:18
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